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Clark Smith

Full Stack Developer

I'm a full stack software developer with over three years of experience creating beautiful web based applications. I've worked extensively with React.js and Next.js along with CSS Frameworks including Tailwind and Material UI. I've worked in the Web3 space having built NFT marketplaces and integrated Solidity smart contracts. I've also built REST API's using Node.js/Express and Python/Flask along with databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Below you can check out some of the projects I've created!


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• Electronic Press Kit built with Next.js/Typescript, Tailwind, and Contentful

• Press photos and logo are downloadable

• Embedded YouTube & Spotify player widget

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• Built and deployed a NFT Marketplace for Official POG Digital built with Next.js/Typescript and integrated with a Solidity smart contract with Ethers.js and Web3React

• Integrated Metamask and WalletConnect Crypto wallets for desktop and mobile

• Built a gorgeous 3D style arcade UI with framer motion animations

• Interfaced directly with the client, and delivered a robust product in a short development period

• Helped design and orchestrate a high volume drop day with a two tiered allowlist and a public sale that saw over 1000 sales in the first day

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Full stack stock market app built using React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Highcharts and YahooFinance API

• Search by ticker symbol and retrieve information, news, and charts on a certain stock

• Dynamic date range stock charts using React Highchart

• Create a profile and save favorite stocks to a list for easy access

• General market summary and market news feature

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Full stack web app built with Javascript, Python, Flask, Bootstrap, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Sendgrid API, and the Spoonacular recipe API

• Recipe search, filtering by dietary restrictions or ingredients, seasonal recipe suggestions

• Ability for users to comment on and save favorite recipes

• Ability to send an ingredient list email of a recipe to a users email address

Clark Smith Full Stack Developer